Heyo! Good news!

My internet has been fixed and is working smoothly again so you guys can get on the server without being kicked constantly. Huzzah!

The issues surrounding inventories & ender chests have now been resolved. There is a very small portion of players who may have lost their inventories (about 4-5 people as I’m aware) but everyone else should be absolutely fine to log in and continue as before! Yay!

After I get home from work tomorrow, we’re going to start working on fixing the Economy up for much more general use. This means that prices will be changing and selling things now may not net you as much money as it will after the changes so my advice would be to ignore all the economy related features until after we’ve rolled out these updates!

These economy changes will include an update to the server’s marketplace and let you guys begin to trade materials, ores, food and everything else you can collect in the game.

After the economy has been fixed up, we’ll be updating the wiki with new and fresh information about the server and how things work on it. There will also be a fix deployed to it to kill all the spam bots that are plaguing it right now (Damn spam bots xD). We’ll be updating the wiki in the following days with a list of commands and the beginnings of our server lore that we make up on teamspeak!

Last but not least, the build worlds will be getting tested by staff and will come online on Sunday or Monday. Hope you’re ready, those are going to be pristine new worlds to go build in and I know theres a few who have been hanging for them… for a long time now <3

Oh! One more thing; all donors have been refunded a cumulative count of ALL their donor days to make up for the long downtime we had. There’s also a bunch of new commands on the donor bonuses list so if you’re looking to help us out in that department we’d really appreciate it!

Again guys, thank you for being a freaking awesome community, understanding & helping me to get all this work and stuff like this done :3

~ Alex // South Paw

This post remains for archival purposes but you can read an updated version HERE! :D

Hi guys,

Currently, I’ve got no internet right now as the storm here has created faults to the cities fibre network to the north and south of our city. This is why those of you trying to play this morning have been getting disconnected every few minutes.

Also, all our survival inventories have been cleared as the database has gone and shat itself. Some players were experiencing this bug before this bit now it’s really gone south.

As no one can connect to the server anyway I’ve taken it down to try and fix this inventory bug.

We will resume normality (hopefully with working inventories) asap.

Sorry for any inconveniences :s
~ Alex // South Paw

Anonymous asked:

I'm guessing you're not going to be giving out the world seed? Kind of an obvious answer but it's best to get a definite answer.

No sorry, I don’t give out our world seeds because it can provide some players with an unfair advantage regarding strongholds, temples and villages.

Anonymous asked:

Thank you for the work you have done. Also loving the spawn area especially the snazzy pick axe!

Awesome to hear you like it, thank you so much - makes it really worthwhile hearing feedback :3

We’ll have the market area sorted out and some guidelines posted on the boards and wiki in a few days too.

Hegoodppl made that pickaxe, I just directed him to go do it xD

Anonymous asked:

So your saying that in the next hour or so the server will be up?

within the next hour

the within hour next

next hour within the

hour the next within

lordjaxom3 asked:

If you want, do a countdown and set a time for relaunch and we can have a "Return to Server" Party :P Only if it's not too much trouble though

How about ‘within the next hour, all things going perfectly' instead ;)

Anonymous asked:

I thought the server was coming back up? D:

I had to rush out to work and help them close u.u sorry

Hint: Within the next hour. Promises <3

crazytrickster asked:

TS server down? I can't connect

Restarted the server to finish updates (Teamspeak shut down)

In the middle of restarting it, got called to rush to work…

Only just got home… ;-;

Anonymous asked:

Resting up after your essay?

I had a quick respite on friday night but I ended up doing an all day shift at work yesterday so i couldn’t really touch much of the server from there! :P

As the previous stuff says, doing some housekeeping on the back end. About to run out and get a coffee while I let the server do some updates and then coming back to finish up.

We’ll be ready to roll real soon! :3

Anonymous asked:

I thought the server was going back up. I can't seem to connect :(

It did go up on Friday night for a bit. Had a few people help me fix things that I’d missed (like bed spawns, which are really crucial haha)

Then I ended up working all day yesterday because one of our staff went home sick so I had to work to close (didn’t really mind, I still get paid for it)

Right now, I’m just working on some housekeeping matters in the configs n stuff and we’ll be good to go~

Anonymous asked:

How'd the paper writing go?

I wrote it and then submitted it

I didn’t even proof read it because I was so mentally exhausted xD

Anonymous asked:

Can we put the server up now? :(

I had to work all day yesterday as someone went home sick.

Doing a little more housekeeping making sure stuffs working before putting it up for y’all :)