Anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about using the snapshot for the server? Like The Cube SMP? I know this would probably cause some problems and be pretty difficult, and I'm not sure if it would update every snapshot so it might not be worth it. But just a thought.

Snapshots are vanilla and there is not bukkit support for them.

They work for smaller groups of up to 10 people but are really unstable on anything past that - hence we don’t (publicly) use them because not everyone would be able to play and it’d require a bit too much management.

There is a small group of us playing on a private snapshot server but I won’t be considering a public snapshot server anytime soon.

Anonymous asked:

On the creative server there is a build with a sign "My Mountain Don't Build Near Me Or I'll Wyvern Fire Your Butt" Does this mean the return of someone?

Not sure what you mean by ‘the return’ but if you want me to go check how long ago it was placed to see if its recent or not, feel free.